« Blue Ocean » Leadership: 5 Steps To Engage People

Updated on 2016, November, 11th

How to develop my leadership skills? How to make my agile teams to follow me? These issues are recurrent in my Management 3.0 training sessions. And for good reasons. You can do nothing without people to follow you. Unfortunately, the early adopters are hard to find in this age of empowerment. Why should anyone be managed by you?

Bad News! Managers engage a competition in a red ocean. As the Gallup report highlights, these internal fights are the roots of the leak of the talents. Nobody blame this natural behavior. When the animals feel threatened, they flee. They look for a more appropriated environment to their development. It’s the same in your organization.

Why not to come out of this red ocean to finally dive into a blue one?

Imagine. A quiet and peaceful ocean. No internal competition. All the talents focused toward the same common goal… This environment is within your reach (pluralistic or holistic organizations). There’s only one thing to do: Free Your Leadership!

I purpose you to consider as a priority the 5 following rules (inspired by ‘Blue Ocean Leadership’ and Management 3.0):

Open Your Boundaries

Inspire you to what is happening in other organizations. Choose a peer coaching or a Learning Expedition. Imagine other alternatives to your management style by studying each behavior of your coworkers.

In 2014, I did a Learning Expedition at Favi, a french automotive subcontractor. This company is said to be « free » (Freedom & co, Isaac Getz & Brian M.Carney). What’s the Fuck! No manager. Only self-organized teams… This immersion in a disruptive environment has changed my mindset: Don’t Control, Empower!

This was the starting point of my trip to a creative management.


Determine Your Vocation

If you’ve read « Reinventing Organizations » or « Freedom & Cie », you are familiar with the concept of the « Why » of the organization. Despite, a major challenge remains. Very few managers determine their own « Why ». Determine your vocation is the most important action that you can take to free your leadership.

My vocation: »Always Compose Emotional Pieces ». This personal formulation is related to my main passion: music. I compose pieces for Brass Bands. Always find the best possible combination of the talents of each musician to an emotion in harmony. It’s the same in my daily life.

Many people die with their music still in them
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

Delight All Stakeholders

Kim and Renée Mauborgne observe that every leader has stakeholders. Bosses to whom the leader must deliver performance. Coworkers and peers who need the leader’s guidance and support to achieve.

A business is a social network of stakeholders participating in freedom for mutual benefit of everyone involved. Nobody is more important than the others.


Establish Your Impact Plan

It is difficult to change the behavior of your coworkers. And it takes time! On the other hand, you can act on theirs actions and activities. Your impact plan, built from your vocation, will highlight your professionnal and personal growth opportunities.


Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

Just be yourself. Reveal your weaknesses highlights a deep authenticity. Nobody is perfect. But also inspiring leaders know when to highlight their strengths. They intentionally mark their différences. They feel others that they are unique.


Are you ready to become a « Blue Ocean » Leader?


2 commentaires sur « « Blue Ocean » Leadership: 5 Steps To Engage People »

    1. Merci. L’utilisation d’exemples liés aux grandes entreprises permet aux lecteurs de comprendre plus aisément la méthodologie. Il est évident que cette stratégie Océan Bleu est applicable aux petites structures et je suis en train de réfléchir sur un prochain billet sur ce thème: Les méthodes agiles et leurs outils de stratégie sont ils applicables aux auto-entrepreneurs? La réponse est oui! Et je vous le démontrerai dans mon prochain billet.


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