Leaders Are Great When They Are In Harmony With Their Own Hedgehog

« What is the vision of the product ? ». This is the first question that I ask when I begin a personal coaching with a Product Owner or a Product Manager. When I coach a Manager I ask him « What is the purpose of your organization ? ». And I never ask what is his own purpose as a Manager. Yet, few managers have a clear vision of their own leader’s vocation. And this lack of clarity is even more damaging that it is the essence of the identity. With the identity comes commitment. With the commitment comes change. How to determine its purpose and be in harmony with ?

What Is The Leadership Vocation ?

The leadership vocation is your motto. It isn’t your curriculum vitae or your job title. Neither the purpose of your organization. It should :

  • Express Why (and eventually how) you exerce your role as a manager,
  • Express How you help others day after day,
  • Reveals what makes you unique.

Simple, you say ? How many people living his vocation in full consciousness do you know ? Discover its own leadership vocation is not easy because it is the result of a commitment of introspection in collaborative way. Because it is more easy to discover it through the eyes of his peers rather than by individual reflection.


Discover Your Leadership Hedgehog.

In his book « Good to Great », Jim Collins give examples of several successfull companies in order to understand their similarities. He argues that the most successful companies align themselves with 3 critical questions:

  • What are you deeply passionate about?
  • What can you be the best in the world at?
  • What does best drive your economic or resource engine?

This « Hedgehog Concept » is a powerful tool to transform businesses. I combine it with the works of Nick Craig and Scott Snook. It becomes the key to unlock your leader’s potential mixing your abilities, your skills and your passions.


Align Passions, Skills and Abilities

What Are You Deeply Passionate About ? (Passions Circle)

I am deeply passionate about discovering the world, spirituality and personal development. I like to play tuba and composed original pieces for Brass Band, feel the Power and the Emotion of instruments.

What did you particularly like to do when you were a kid ? (Abilities Circle)

When I was a child, I stayed in my room for hours to draw or play with legos. And I often imagined to be an Explorer in the woods near my house. I was building huts, watching animals and making stories (like in the movie Bridge to Terabithia).

What have you learned from your experiences ? (Skills Circle)

I’ve learned Management 3.0, agile methodologies, how to give trainings….

And 3 Circles give 4 intersections :

  • Intersection between Passions and Abilities reveals your Hobbies
  • Intersection between Abilities and Skills reveals your Talents
  • Intersection between Passions and Skills reveals your Job
  • Intersection between the 3 Circles is Your Leadership Hedgehog.


The Leadership Hedgehog Map

It is not easy for me to step closer my OKRs and achieve my actions if I don’t visualize why. As Jurgen Appelo said, Innovation is the combination of several existing tools. That’s why I’ve combined Hedgehog concept with Personal Map to create the Leadership Hedgehog Map.

The following picture represent my own Leadership Hedgehog Map.

Leadership Hedgehog Map.png


And What Is My Leadership Hedgehog ?

« Always Compose Emotional Pieces ».

This personal formulation is related to my main passion: music. I focus to always find the best possible combination of the talents of each musician to an emotion in harmony. It’s the same in my daily life.

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